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Special Projects

Service Dog

Acquired young adult and trained as a Service Dog for client with PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury.

Service Dog

Farrah assisted clients in finding a spectacular 8 week old service dog candidate. She assisted his paralized teenage handler to owner-train a Mobility Assistance dog. This video is of Rollo at 7 months old! He was in service by 18 months old!

Service Dog

Farrah selected, raised & trained this pup to become a Service Dog for a client with Parkinsons. Rocky was ready & in service at 12 months old!

BioStim on Shelter Pups

Neonate Pitt Pups

born, 05/11/17

Farrah volunteered her time to do the Puppy Culture program on these pups at the Aspen Animal Shelter

Trained Goose Control Dog

Trained Goose Control dogs teach Geese that the location is not a safe place to settle. Dogs are one of the most effective tools at nuisance Geese mitigation. Great for apartment complexes, airports, and golf courses- anywhere you don't want the waste, damage, and aggression of Geese present.

3 weeks old. Introduction to first novel stimulus. Crinkly paper! Encouraging engagement and confidence.

Second enrichment item. Noisy tin can! Utilizing the quick startle/recovery reflex to create pups that quickly overcome scary events in the future.

Noisy tin can interaction. Enrichment and noise habituation can reduce fear and skittishness.

Makeshift wobble board. This enrichment item helps dogs overcome fear of new and unusual objects, unique textures,  and unstable surfaces.

4.5 weeks old. Enrichment and barrier exercise with a crinkly tunnel. Pups learn to solve problems and deal with frustration which can reduce aggression later in life.

5 week old pups meet their first new dog. These early, positive experiences help shape  the pups into dogs who are less likely to be aggressive or fearful of other dogs.

Wedding Services - dog ring bearer 

aspen wedding dog
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