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Judi Levine

Farrah Fry is another Dog Whisperer. When we rescued Morgan, she had several traits we were told to avoid when choosing a dog--possessive of toys, pulling and barking at every person, car and dog. We rescued her anyway! After working with Farrah, we now take long walks without a leash with Morgan heeling by my side--and Morgan drops her toys when told to. We would recommend Farrah to anyone & everyone. We can't say enough good things about her.

Silbi Stainton

Farrah is the best dog trainer we have ever met... and we have used many good ones, including those who've trained Special Forces military dogs with our last Shepherd. Farrah's background as a K9 handler is impressive. She has worked with Laddie and our family for just 4 weeks or so and has helped him and us so much. This was our kids first experience with an untrained dog (aka a puppy). Farrah comes and trains the whole family on dog psychology so even the kids learn why certain techniques will work and why others fail. Farrah has even taught Tim and I new tricks that work so well. She is not one of those people who treats dogs like a person or refuses to use any corrections when they are needed and helpful. She knows dogs brains better than anyone I have ever met which is probably why her training is so awesome.

Winston's Family

The last training session we had at the park really stuck with Winston. Two days ago, we took him to the groomer. He actually laid down until we said "release" and then he went to the other dogs. Last night we ran into our neighbor and his Pug Bella. Once again, Winston laid down until I said release and then he gently went to Bella. What a boy, what a boy!

Jenna Bennett

Farrah is the first trainer I have worked with that I could tell truly cared about my dog’s success and future. She never gave up and always had other options to try until we found something that worked. She is very knowledgeable about everything dog and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their dog’s behavior.

Ryan King

Farrah did a fantastic job helping us find the perfect family dog. After assisting us in finding out what type of dog met our needs, she searched eagerly to find the right one that met those needs. After discovering several potentials, Farrah determined the right one by conducting thorough interviews with previous owners and rescues. After bringing home our new pet and some of Farrah's behavior training, we couldn't be happier with her choice.


Farrah has been a God-send. I cannot believe the difference in my Boston Terrier in just 6 weeks. He is now a well-behaved dog that listens. She made the training fun and up beat, which helped him learn at a much faster pace. Farrah shows you how to be the leader in the family! Every day is a work in progress and will continue to be, but at least we have the stepping stones to get there. Thank you so much!

Sawyer's Mom

You've helped us have a wonderful dog we love to take places and show off his manners!  Every hotel has been amazed at how we  can walk him off lead through the lobby, how he sits nicely while we check in, and how he stays out of the food areas!  I've loved doing the therapy visits with him, too.   Again, many thanks!!

Audra Quist

Chili took off like a bat out of hell after the bear that came into our yard tonight. Bear sauntered on - just outside the invisible fence and Chili stayed on her side AND came back on recall - (had to give it 2x - but hey it was a bear on our turf) - stellar training thanks to Farrah Fry-Ettlin - she did awesome!

Gail R

Farrah, Thank you for letting us visit with our boy. As if you couldn't tell, we miss him so much. But, we also wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you are doing. We feel that Toby could not be in better hands than yours!!! We know how much great care you are taking with him. And just from what we saw today, we know Toby will be such a joy to have with us for years. I think you are just wonderful and have such wonderful praise for you. Thanks again. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Sarah Talbot

Farrah with Endless Pawsibilities came highly recommended as one of the best dog trainers in the valley based off my inquiry on a local Facebook group. My fiancé and I brought home an 8-week old black lab male puppy earlier this year, and we wanted help with basic training. Farrah uses positive reinforcement training that has really brought out the best in our pup. She helped us with brilliant training to get him house broken almost immediately, and helped us get him socialized early on with her awesome puppy explorers group. Farrah makes herself available to accommodate our schedule, and is in constant contact. I have received so many compliments about how well behaved our pup is and how well he listens while we are out in public- be it at the river, in the office, at a dog park, or out on a hike, and I always give the credit to Farrah. She listens to our wants and needs, and works well with my fiancé and I either together or individually. It's clear she is extremely well educated in animal behavior, and we look forward to our sessions with Farrah every time!

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