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Dog Training and Behavior Courses Farrah has completed
BA Canine Learning Theory - Otterbein College 
BA Psychology - Otterbein College
Master Dog Trainer program at National K9
Advanced Canine First Aid
Canine Learning Theory - State Emergency Management
Cesar Millan workshop
Canine Learning Theory- Indiana Department of Homeland Security
K9 Learning Theory, Training, and Behavior Modification for the Working Dog- Brenda Aloff
Canine Legal Updates & Opinions - Terry Fleck
Midwest Veterinarian Conference - 3 years
Practical Behavior Information for Veterinary Practitioners - Dr Ian Dunbar
New Concepts for the Treatment of Dog Aggression: Fighting - Dr Ian Dunbar
Dog Emotion & Cognition - Brian Hare/ Duke University
Annual Dog Trainers Conference - Association of Professional Dog Trainers
Annual Dog Trainers Conference - International Association of Canine Professionals
Instructors/ Mentors: Larry Krohn, Dr. Sophia Yin, Victoria Stilwell, Sue Sternberg, John Rogerson, Grisha Stewart, Dr Fugazza, Sara Carson, Dr. Lore Haug, Kathy Sdao, Ken Ramirez, Dr. Christopher Pachel, Dr. Ilana Reisner, & many more.
K9 Handler/ Search courses Farrah has completed
Beginning Trailing Techniques - State Emergency Management Agency
Scent Discriminating Trailing - National Bloodhound Training Institute
FUNSAR & SAR TECH 3 - National Association for Search & Rescue
Initial Response with Live Find Disaster Dogs - Nat'l Corrections & LE Training & Tech Ctr
K9 Cadaver Search Training - Nat'l Corrections & LE Training & Technology Center
Disaster Search for First Responders - K9 Specialty Search Associates
Scent & Scent Theory - K9 Recovery Unit
Area & Building Search - Heartland K9 Services
Community Emergency Response Team
Cadaver Recovery & Tracking - Law Enforcement Training Specialists
Land & Water Cadaver - Law Enforcement Training Specialists
Water Search - K9 Specialty Search Associates
Mock Disaster - Nat'l Corrections & Law Enforcement Training & Technology Center
K9 Aircraft Search - W VA University Fire Service Extension
Citizen's Fire Academy - Westerville, OH FD
Citizen's Police Academy - Westerville, OH PD
Hazmat First Responder Awareness - Board of Fire Fighting Personnel
Water Search Techniques for K9 Teams - IN Department of Homeland Security
Mass Fatalities Incident Response Planning - The Nat'l Mass Fatalities Institute
Advanced Building Search for K9 Teams - IN Department of Homeland Security
Ground Search Techniques - IN Dept of Homeland Security
Basic Cadaver Search Techniques - IN Dept of Homeland Security
Cadaver Recovery - Law Enforcement Training Specialists
Intro to the Incident Command System - Emergency Management Institute
Intro to Nat'l Incident Management System - Emergency Management Institute
Water Cadaver for K9 Teams - IN Dept of Homeland Security
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