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Dog training is an unregulated field that does not require formal qualifications; anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Farrah has gone above and beyond to gain an extensive education,
experience a variety of specialties, and collect a large toolbox of methods to be able to train any dog that needs her help and expertise. She's been training professionally for the past 20 years.
Farrah started out cleaning kennels and walking dogs for Vets and the Humane Society. She transitioned to doggie daycare attendant, and trainer at Petco as she worked her way though college (obtaining BAs in Canine Learning Theory and in Psychology) and graduated from National K9 School for Dog Trainers.
While in college and working multiple dog related jobs, Farrah became a Search & Rescue K9 handler with her German Shepherd Sargent.
Farrah eventually started her own dog training and boarding business in Ohio after realizing the limits of working for others. In 2011 Farrah was granted a contract with the Department of Defense to supply canine candidates to the military, which she acquired through shelters and mismatched homes.
This is just a brief overview of Farrah's amazing adventures with dogs. And, if you want to know how she made it to ASPEN (after the person who called her a dreamer actually made her dreams come true)... you'll have to ask her in person!


-BA Psychology and BA K9 Learning
-Certified professional trainer since 2002
- K9 handler (Search & Rescue) since 2002
- AKC Canine Good Citizen Certified Evaluator
- Member- Association of Professional Dog Trainers
- Certified in Advanced K9 First Aid
- Supplies K9s to military and police
- Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College
- Canine education instructor affiliated with local pet store chain
- Trained and handled Goose Control canines
- Instructed Psychology & Dog Training seminar for a college course
- Presents educational lectures for organizations
- Seeing eye dog training - summer study
- Experience with vet offices, humane society & pet rescue organizations
- Fostered many dogs and kittens
- Attended over 500 hours of dog behavior/training seminars & classes
- Ongoing continuing education to better serve you & your pets
      For a more comprehensive list of courses and credentials click here
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