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Endless Pawsibilities Dog Training and Services LLC is a professional, certified, experienced, and licensed dog training and behavior  consulting business, serving Aspen, CO and surrounding areas.

puppy training

Farrah has an extensive education and a large toolbox to accommodate dogs' individual personalities and learning styles, as well as your goals for your dog. Because of this, she does not subscribe to one particular method, but instead utilizes what tools and methods work for the individual, while teaching you how to better understand and communicate with your dog. She’s worked with many types of dogs, from working dogs to pets, and believes that training should be approached in an individualistic and holistic manner.

Your dog's education starts here.


Holistic training means Farrah looks at the whole dog when training and addressing behavior problems. She considers health and emotional wellbeing, suggesting natural or holistic remedies when appropriate or collaborating with the dog's Vet if we feel medication may be necessary or helpful. She also recommends enrichment activities to meet the dog's physical, mental, and genetic needs. 

Service Dog just placed by Endless Pawsibililties.

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