Farrah has learned from dog training legends such as Dr Dunbar, Sue Sternberg, Lou Castle, Victoria Stilwell, Ceasar Millan and many more. She is constantly continuing her education to better serve you and your pups. Her services are in high demand because of her extensive education and experience.

 Each dog is a unique individual and is trained as such!

Puppy 101

4-16 weeks of age is the most impactful time of a dog's life. Making the most of this window of time can prevent future problems and maximizes your dog's potential. Puppy training is by far the most important investment you will make in your dog.
In this 1.5 hour private session, Farrah will teach you all about puppies! Information covered: puppy developmental periods, how dogs learn,  preventing behavior issues, potty training, mouthing, jumping, chewing, socializing, etc. You should take this class if you are planning on getting a new puppy or have a new puppy less than 18 weeks old. If you have never owned a dog or puppy before, you can't miss out on this information. Raising a puppy can be easier more enjoyable with Farrah on your team!    See Programs page for Program options.

Puppy Explorers is a socializing, manners, & problem prevention group that meets at various locations around town. Puppies 18 weeks and under are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions to learn valuable lessons that can make a big impact quickly & easily at this age.

-proper socialization   -impulse control   -"sit to say please"   -leash skills   -implementing exercises to reduce the risk of future behavior issues

Puppy groups should not just be a free-for-all crazy play session. It is a crucial time where pups should be learning lessons that will impact their future behavior. 

These classes assist with brain development, improve your dog’s ability to learn & remember, increase resilience to stress, and build emotional stability. It is critical that pups are extensively and properly socialized by the time they are 13 weeks old. If you do not positively expose your puppy to a variety of stimuli, he could come to fear those things the rest of his life.

Come learn about the “Critical Period”, what causes 20% of dog bites and how you can counter it, why your puppy turns into a lunatic, how to deal with puppy teeth, and so much more.

$30. Call to enroll. (Drop in; different days, times, locations.)

*Please read the articles about puppies under the Education page.*

Adolescent Adventures

Training and socialization group for adolescents. Continue manners and basic training surrounded by a group of like-minded dog owners who will help you with consistency and giving your dog proper feedback as he goes through the "teenage" stage. Have fun on adventures like "Cafe Manners" class, hiking, explore town, or playing at the park. Fun and games make the adolescent phase easier to get through!

(Drop in; different days, times, locations.)

Private Lessons

Together, you and Farrah will develop a plan for training your dog. Farrah will select the best method for your dog's individual personality to accomplish the goals that you desire. Private training begins with Dog 101, recommended for all dog owners, which teaches you valuable information about how your dog learns, how to better communicate with them, and how to reinforce proper behavior and manners. Leadership, obedience, exercise and socialization lay the foundation for a happy, healthy dog. Farrah's goal is to teach you to how to understand and better communicate with your dog.  If you are too busy to train your dog, Farrah has a program for that too!   See Programs page for training options.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is for dogs who have behavior issues that standard obedience training does not address. Aggression, phobias, barking, leash reactivity, handling issues, etc. Group obedience classes are not an appropriate place to handle behavior issues; these must be addressed individually, by someone experienced in behavior modification techniques. Farrah will complete a behavior history assessment for your dog and devise a behavior modification and management plan. Due to Farrah's extensive education in behavior modification, your journey may include several techniques or methods to affect maximum change in your dog.  See Programs page for options.

Wisdom Walks

Coming Soon

For those wise old souls who are young at heart...

Day Training

A special opportunity for your dog to spend a few hours of the day with a profession trainer. Your dog will enjoy training time, socialization, and mental games as well as some crate time to learn to settle while activity is happening around them. Day Training gives the trainer a chance to get to know your dog on a deeper level and she may even see issues that you might not be aware need addressed.

(Included with certain Programs)

Rocky Mountain Dog Training Club

For advanced dogs. The goal of this group is to provide an informal, yet controlled setting to work and train your dog in areas you and he/she may need help. You and other dog owners will work as a team, assisting each other for the benefit of all dogs involved. Most group sessions will be unstructured to provide a more real-world like scenario, but with Farrah's guidance to provide feedback and training. On occasion Farrah will offer themed groups. This will allow work on specific issues such as café manners or loose leash walking through town.


Seminars are available for veterinarians, schools, clubs, or the general public. Farrah can speak on low-stress handling techniques for vets, dog body language, children and dogs, and more. Farrah has instructed on Psychology and Dog Training at a Psychology retreat and recently taught a class at the Basalt Library titled “Working Dogs: Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, Therapy Dogs, & Working Dogs. What’s the difference and can my dog be one?”

Service Dogs

Customized, boutique Service Dogs for people with disabilities impacting everyday life.   *Fill out the Service Dog Questionaire at the bottom of the Educational Page to see if you qualify and to receive additional information.

Emotional Support dog training.

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   Fun Fact:    Farrah's college roommate made fun of   her often because she was always checking out the cute dogs, not the cute guys!

PE is one of the best investments you can make in your puppy! Farrah has priced it very cheap, so you can take advantage of the immeasurable benefits for your pup's future.

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